Midwest Collision Center Kalamazoo Car Paint
Maintaining your vehicle’s appearance goes a long way in retaining value on your car. At Midwest Collision Center, we provide auto body refinishing and paint matching services to help restore your vehicle’s appearance and retain its value. Our car paint services can help your car look like new, even after:
  • A major collision
  • Scratches or dents
  • Rust damage

What Does Auto Body Refinishing Involve?

Auto body refinishing is just a fancy way of saying that a car’s appearance is restored and painted after damage. This process involves several steps, including:
  • Removing rust, scratches, and dents
  • Priming the vehicle
  • Sanding and cleaning the area to be painted
  • Applying several layers of car paint, including color coats and clear coats

Paint Matching

Applying car paint is not a complex process, but it is quite detailed, and requires professional skill and equipment. Part of the reason for this is that in most cases, cars are only painted in the areas where the damage was. That means that the new paint must be meticulously matched to the old car paint. The auto body professionals at Midwest Collision Center are highly trained and certified in auto body refinishing and paint matching. Once we’re finished with your car, you won’t be able to tell where the damage was!

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