Unibody Repair Machine
Midwest Collision Center provides high quality unibody repair for vehicles in the Kalamazoo and Central Michigan area. Our skilled technicians ensure your car’s unibody is restored to its pre-collision condition and strength. There are many reasons to choose Midwest Collision Center for unibody repair, including:
  • Free estimates
  • Discounted rental cars for your convenience
  • Free shuttle service to and from our shop
  • 24-hour key drop for after-hours drop-offs
  • Lifetime guarantee on all our work (Contact us for full details)

What is a unibody?

A unibody vehicle has no separate frame from the body of the vehicle–the frame and body are a single unit, or unibody. Unibody construction is the most common type of construction used in most automobiles today. A vehicle’s unibody is designed to distribute pressure and weight in the event of a collision by crumpling to absorb energy, keeping the passengers safe inside and protected from the force of the crash.

Unibody Repair

Because of the nature of the construction, when a unibody vehicle has been in a crash, special equipment and skills are needed to repair it to its original state. The technicians at Midwest Collision Center use a unibody machine to straighten out the car and repair the vehicle. They also use a process called stress relief to restore the metal’s strength and ability to absorb energy. These processes make up the core of unibody repair and help restore your vehicle’s unibody to its pre-collision quality. .

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